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A chartered accountant filling out an inhertance tax form

Giving you the inheritance you deserve

When you’ve built up a large estate, you don’t want your beneficiaries to end up losing most of it to inheritance tax. The standard rate of inheritance tax is 40%, and is payable on the excess value of any estate over £325,000. More and more people are accumulating estates with values exceeding that amount.

What we offer is to help you minimise the impact it has on the inheritance you leave behind after your death. Long-term planning can substantially mitigate the impact of inheritance tax without threatening your family’s financial security. The plan we’ll make with you will be based on you and your family’s specific circumstances and aspirations.

An old man happy with his rate of inheritance tax

A plan may include any of the following:

  • Using annual and other gift exemptions
  • Tax efficient organisation of assets within a family
  • The transfer of assets between husband and wife
  • The use of trusts
  • Life assurance
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We're based in Hampton, and provide our accounting services to people across Surrey and South West London.

To stop inheritance tax from doing significant damage to what you leave behind, call 020 8979 5836

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